Tamawarai – 玉笑

Best Soba Restaurant Visit- 蕎麦屋名店訪問

One summer holiday morning, I wanted to visit this highly rated restaurant, so I took the train and took a walk around Shibuya. This soba restaurant was located in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya. According to advance information, many people were waiting because it was a popular soba restaurant, but there were no people waiting when we arrived before noon. I cautiously opened the door to see if it was closed. The staff of the soba restaurant told me to wait in the waiting room of the pavilion outside, and I waited for a while, and luckily I could enter immediately without waiting. I will introduce the dishes and impressions of the restaurant here.


Dishes I odered – 私が頼んだ料理

First of all, I should order soba, but since it was my first time, I wanted to try various things, so I ordered a la carte dish.


Number of s la carte dishes ordered – 頼んだアラカルト料理の数々

“Sobagaki” (Buckwheat Mash) – 蕎麦がき

“Sobagaki” (Buckwheat Mash) – 蕎麦がき
Closed up of “Sobagaki” (Buckwheat Mash) – 蕎麦がきのクローズアップ

Grilled “Miso-zuke”(preserved in miso) Prawn – えびの味噌漬け焼き

Grilled “Miso-zuke” Prawn – えびの味噌漬け焼き

Rolled Omelet – 玉子焼き

Rolled Omelet – 玉子焼き

Soba – 蕎麦

Soba of Coarsely grounded buckwheat served on bamboo tray – 粗挽きせいろ

Soba of Coarsely grounded buckwheat served on bamboo tray – 粗挽きせいろ
Closed up of Soba Noodle – お蕎麦のクローズアップ

“Soba-Yu”(Soba Hot Water in which soba noodle have been boiled) – 蕎麦湯

Soba-Yu – 蕎麦湯
Surface fo Soba-Yu – 蕎麦湯の表面

Inside of the Restaurant – お店の中のようす

Served at table facing small window – 小窓に面したテーブルでいただきました

Table beside small window – 小窓のそばのテーブル

The seat I was given was on the window side. The window was a tasteful small window made of thin bamboos arranged in a grid pattern. Combined with the earthen walls, it was like being in a private house in the countryside where nature is abundant and the countryside is spreading, and it was a comfortable atmosphere.


My impression – 感想

I would say it was “Greatest” and “Amazing”.

Information – 情報

Occasion I visited – 私の訪問状況

For Lunch. (Date of Visit: Aug. 2021)
A weekend walk alone. I took a train to Shibuya with this soba restaurant as my destination, and took a walk around Shibuya alone.


Location – 所在地

Location: Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
所在地:〒150-0001  東京都渋谷区神宮前

Access – アクセス

About 5 minutes walk from Shibuya station. Walk along the large street on the east side of the station (Meiji-dori) toward Harajuku, turn right at the intersection with “Descente”, and go up the slope of small road just before car parking on the left.


Thank you for visiting.
I hope you enjoyed it. I’m happy if you got something even a little.