Shimbashi TOKISOBA – 新橋ときそば

Best Soba Restaurant Visit- 蕎麦屋名店訪問
Entrance of “Shimbashi TOKISOBA” – 新橋ときそば いりぐち

One day after midsummer, I went to this highly rated restaurant “Shimbashi TOKISOBA” for lunch. Maybe because it was past 1:00 in the afternoon, I was lucky enough to enter without lining up. I will introduce the dishes and impressions of the restaurant here.


Dishes I odered – 私が頼んだ料理

It was a normal lunch in the lingering heat outside, so I decided to choose from the most orthodox cold soba menu. On the menu, there is an explanation about the “Nishoku-Zaru Set” (a set of two types of soba served on separate bamboo tray), “You can enjoy thin and thick noodles at different times.”
It seems to be the most standard menu in this soba restaurant, so I ordered this “Nishoku-Zaru Set”.


Soba – 蕎麦

“Introduction” was written on the first page of the menu with the following content:
・All our soba is “Inaka-Soba” made of 100% buckwheat.
・”Hosouchi” (Thin soba) is soba noodles that go down smoothly.
・”Futouchi” (Thick soba) is chewy soba with a strong soba flavor. (Thicker soba is blacker.)

(note) ”Inaka-Soba” is a type of soba noodles made from buckwheat flour that has been milled without removing the buckwheat husks, resulting in black noodles and tends to have a strong sweetness and aroma in general.


(註)「田舎そば」は、蕎麦の一つの種類で、そば殻を除去せずにそのままで製粉したそば粉で作られるため、麺の色が黒くなり、 一般的には、そばの甘味、香りが強い傾向にあります。

“Hosouchi” (Thin Soba Noodles) – 細打ちそば

Thin Soba Noodles – 細打ちそば
Closed up of Thin Soba Noodles – 細打ちそばのクローズアップ

“Futouchi” (Thick Soba Noodles) – 太打ちそば

Thick Soba Noodles – 太打ちそば
Closed up of Thick Soba Noodles – 太打ちそばのクローズアップ

“Soba-Yu”(Soba Hot Water in which soba noodle have been boiled) – 蕎麦湯

“Soba-Yu”(Soba Hot Water in which soba noodle have been boiled) – 蕎麦湯
Surface fo Soba-Yu – 蕎麦湯の表面

Inside of the Restaurant – お店の中のようす

Table seats in the back – 奥のテーブル席の様子

There was an open kitchen on the left side near the entrance of the restaurant, and the counter seats were lined up in front of it. I was given that seat.

Table seats in the back – 奥のテーブル席の様子

Equipment for making Soba Noodle – 蕎麦をつくる道具

Millstone – 石臼

My impression – 感想

I would say “Greatest” and “Amazing” in “Inaka-Soba”.

Information – 情報

Occasion I visited – 私の訪問状況

For Lunch. (Date of Visit: Sep. 2022)
Lunch during work on a weekday. I came to Shimbashi for business reasons, so I aimed for this soba restaurant.


Location – 所在地

Location: Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004 Japan
所在地:〒105-0004 東京都港区新橋

Access – アクセス

From Shimbashi station, I walked slowly and arrived in less than 10 minutes.

Thank you for visiting.
I hope you enjoyed it. I’m happy if you got something even a little.