Sobakiri Gin (Hiroshima) – 蕎麦きり吟(広島)

Best Soba Restaurant Visit- 蕎麦屋名店訪問

One day in April, when the cherry blossom season was almost over, I suddenly thought that I would like to visit this highly rated restaurant, “Sobakiri Gin”. After calling from JR Hiroshima Station to see if the soba noodles were not sold out, I walked there. I arrived at the restaurant after 1:30 pm and was able to eat the soba.
I would like to introduce the dishes and impressions of “Sobakiri Gin” here.


Sobakiri Gin (in Hiroshima) – 蕎麦きり吟(広島)

Dishes I odered – 私が頼んだ料理

(note): The description following (*) is especially the author’s imagination and interpretation. With that in mind, please enjoy this blog.

Looking at the menu, there were the following four types of cold soba menus.
> “Seiro”: (*) Dipping Cold Soba served on bamboo tray with dipping sauce
> “Karamioroshi”: (*) “Seiro” with an additional plate of grated “Karamidaikon”, which is a kind of spicy white radish like a horseradish, as a condiment
> “Tsuketoro” (can also be made without egg): (*) “Seiro” with an additional plate of mixture of grated “Yamaimo”, which is a kind of Japanese yam and raw egg, as an optional ingredient
> “Tsukegamo”: (*) “Seiro” with “Kamojiru”, which is warm dipping soup made with duck stock and duck meat and green onion as ingredients

And, as the amount of noodles, ”Soba Omori”, a large serving of soba, could be selected.
Also, as a set for lunch, “Anagoten Set” (Conger eel Tempra Set) can be added to the above menu as a option.
Among them, I ordered the most orthodox one, a large serving of “Seiro” with “Anagoten set”.


”Seiro” Soba Omori – せいろのそば大盛り

”Seiro” Soba Omori – せいろのそば大盛り

“Anagoten” Conger Eel Tempura – 穴子天

“Anagoten” Conger Eel Tempura – 穴子天

“Soba-Yu”(Soba Hot Water in which soba noodle have been boiled) – 蕎麦湯

“Soba-Yu”(Soba Hot Water in which soba noodle have been boiled) – 蕎麦湯

Surface of “Soba-Yu” – 蕎麦湯の表面

Surface fo Soba-Yu – 蕎麦湯の表面

Inside of the Restaurant – お店の中のようす

Counter seats in the front – カウンター席の様子

Sobakiri Gin’s Counter seats in the front – 蕎麦きり吟のカウンター席の様子

Table by the window facing the garden in the back – 奥庭に面した窓際のテーブル

Table by the window facing the garden in the back – 奥庭に面した窓際のテーブル

Scene near the entrance of the restaurant – お店の入口付近

Scene near the entrance of the restaurant – お店の入口付近

My impression – 感想

I would say “Superb Taste”.


Information – 情報

Occasion I visited – 私の訪問状況

For Lunch. (Date of Visit: Apr. 2023)
On Saturday afternoon, with this soba restaurant, “Sobakiri Gin”, as my destination, I got off at JR Hiroshima Station and walked towards the restaurant.


Location – 所在地

Sobakiri Gin
Location: Dambara, Minami-ku, hiroshima, Hiroshima 732-0811 Japan
所在地:〒732-0811  広島県広島市南区段原

Access – アクセス

To get to “Sobakiri Gin”, I walked from JR Hiroshima Station along the Enko River. We walked slowly and arrived in about 15 minutes. It might take 10 minutes if you hurry. In addition, the “Dambara 1-chome” Stop of the Hiroshima Electric Railway Minami Line was nearby. If you take the train from Hiroshima station, you’ll be able to get there easily.


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