SUZAKAYA Soba Niigata Ekimae Branch – 須坂屋そば 新潟駅前店

Best Soba Restaurant Visit- 蕎麦屋名店訪問

One weekday morning at the beginning of February, when Niigata was still snowing a little, I suddenly thought that I would like to go to “Suzakaya Soba Niigata Ekimae Branch” for lunch today.
After arriving at Niigata Airport, I planned to take a route bus bound for Niigata Station Bandai Exit and make a detour to this restaurant. It was late after noon, and I arrived at around 1:30 pm, and I was able to enter the restaurant without waiting.
I would like to introduce the dishes and impressions of Suzakaya Soba Niigata Ekimae branch here.

新潟ではまだ雪が少しちらつく2月はじめのある平日の朝、今日のランチは「須坂屋そば 新潟駅前店」へ行きたいなと思いたちました。新潟空港到着後、新潟駅万代口行きの路線バスに乗って、このお店に寄り道する計画としました。お昼を過ぎた遅い時間となりましたが、午後1時半ごろに到着し、すぐに入店することが出来ました。

SUZAKAYA Soba Niigata Ekimae Branch – 須坂屋そば 新潟駅前店

Dishes I odered – 私が頼んだ料理

There were a variety of items on the menu, but I wanted to eat Niigata’s specialty, “Hegisoba”, so I ordered the “Hanamaki Soba Small”, which is “Hegisoba” topped with chopped seaweed.

“Hegi soba” is originally served in a large wooden plate called “hegi” so that it is convenient for eating with a large number of people. Soba noodles are arranged in small bundles that can be easily picked up with chopsticks, and the bundles are carefully and neatly arranged on a “hegi” plate and served.
Therefore, even though I ordered a small size, it was for 1.5 people.
The soba noodles in the zaru soba were the same as the hegi soba noodles, but I was fascinated by the tableware and presentation method, so I dared to order “hegi soba” even though I had lunch alone.

メニューには、いろいろなメニューが並んでいましたが、新潟名物の「へぎそば」を食べたかったので、「へぎそば」に刻んだ海苔がかかった「花巻そば 小」を注文した。

”Hanamaki Soba” – 花巻そば

”Hanamaki Soba” – 花巻そば
”Hanamaki soba” is a “Hegi soba” topped with chopped “Nori” (seaweed) – 花巻そばは、へぎそばに海苔がかかったもの
”Hanamaki soba” is a “Hegi soba” topped with chopped “Nori” (seaweed) – 花巻そばは、へぎそばに海苔がかかったもの

Soba noodle close-up – 蕎麦のクローズアップ

It’s hard to see because it’s topped with chopped seaweed, but the soba noodles are neatly arranged in small bundles so that we can easily pick them up one by one with chopsticks.


Close-up of Hegi Soba topped with chopped seaweed (”Hanamaki Soba”) – 刻み海苔がのせられたへぎそば(花巻そば)

“Soba-Yu”(Soba Hot Water in which soba noodle have been boiled) – 蕎麦湯

“Soba-Yu”(Soba Hot Water in which soba noodle have been boiled) – 蕎麦湯

Surface of “Soba-Yu” – 蕎麦湯の表面

Surface of “Soba-Yu” – 蕎麦湯の表面

Inside of the Restaurant – お店の中のようす

Table by the window – 窓際のテーブル

Table by the window – 窓際のテーブル

My impression – 感想

I would say “Niigata specialty and traditional taste”.
When I visit next time, I would like to share “Hegi soba” with some people and taste it together.


Information – 情報

Occasion I visited – 私の訪問状況

For Lunch. (Date of Visit: Feb. 2023)
Lunch alone after 1:00 pm on weekdays.
After arriving at Niigata Airport around noon, I decided to stop by this soba restaurant at Niigata Station on my way to my destination.
Therefore, from the airport, I took a bus bound for the Bandaiguchi of Niigata Station, which was close to this soba restaurant, and walked there.


Location – 所在地

SUZAKAYA Soba Niigata Ekimae Branch
Location: Benten, Chuo-ku, Niigata, Niigata 950-0901 Japan
須坂屋そば 新潟駅前店
所在地:〒950-0901 新潟県新潟市中央区弁天

Access – アクセス

To get to Suzakaya Soba Niigata Ekimae Branch, I took a bus bound for Niigata Station Bandai Exit from Niigata Airport, got off at the last bus stop, and walked slowly for about 3-4 minutes.
After getting off the bus, cross the big road in front of the bus stop at the nearby Higashi Odori intersection and continue along the side street. At the next intersection, I found the restaurant by looking left. About 4 minutes from Niigata Station Bandai Exit.


Thank you for visiting.
I hope you enjoyed it. I’m happy if you got something even a little.