Teuchisoba MUCHAKUAN (Hiroshima) – 手打ちそば 無着庵(広島)

Best Soba Restaurant Visit- 蕎麦屋名店訪問

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in late December, I went to the highly rated soba restaurant “Teuchisoba MUCHAKUAN”.
When I arrived just after 1:30 p.m., there were a few groups waiting, and I wrote my name on the list at the entrance of the restaurant and waited. Luckily, I was shown to a counter seat within 5 minutes.
Here I would like to introduce the dishes and impressions of “Teuchisoba MUCHAKUAN”.

12月終わりの晴れ間が時々見える日曜日の午後、評判の高いお蕎麦屋さん「手打ちそば 無着庵」へ行きました。午後1時半過ぎに到着すると数組待ちで、お店の入口にあるリストに名前を書いて待つと、運よく5分ほどでカウンター席に案内されました。
ここに「手打ちそば 無着庵」のお料理と感想を紹介させていただきます。

Teuchisoba MUCHAKUAN (Hiroshima) – 手打ちそば 無着庵(広島)

Dishes I odered – 私が頼んだ料理

(note): The description includes the author’s imagination and interpretation. With that in mind, please enjoy this blog.

I looked at the menu. There were the following five cold soba dishes. Mori soba, Tsuke Tororo soba (Yamato yam), Mori soba with Tempura dish, Kamo Zaru soba, “Tokusen” (Special) Kamo Zaru soba (added duck meatballs). Additional soba, dipping sauce, and condiments were available for an additional charge.

There were six types of warm soba: Kake soba, Awayuki soba (Yamato yam), Kake soba with Tempura dish, Kamo Nanban soba, “Tokusen” (Special) Kamo Nanban soba (added duck meatballs), Norajiru soba (with burdock, carrots, green onions, and meatballs). Each soba could also be made into “Oomori soba”, a large serving of soba for an additional fee.

There were following soba limited only in autumun and winter: Kamaage Soba, Kinoko (Mushroom) Soba, and Tamago Toji Soba.
In addition, there were “Yaki Sobamiso” (would be roasted buckwheat seeds mixed with miso (soybean paste) grilled on large wooden spoon), “Dashimaki tamago” (Japanese-style rolled omelet seasoned with original broth) and others as side dishes for sake.

Among these, I ordered Mori Soba as the first dish and “Tokusen” (Special) Kamo Zaru Soba as the second dish.




Mori soba – もりそば

Dipping Sauce and condiments were served before the soba was ready – 蕎麦が来る前につけ汁と薬味が配膳された

The condiments included chopped green onions, grated radish, and wasabi, as well as “Yuzu Kosho”, which was spicy paste made from grated pepper and yuzu citrus rind, on a separate plate.

Dipping Sauce and condiments were served before the soba was ready – 蕎麦が来る前につけ汁と薬味が配膳された

All Items of Mori soba – もりそばの全品

All Items of Morisoba – もりそばの全品

Soba noodle – そば

Soba noodle – そば

Tokusen Kamo Zaru soba – 特選鴨ざるそば

All Items of Tokusen Kamo zaru soba – 特選鴨ざるそばの全品

All Items of Tokusen Kamo Zaru soba – 特選鴨ざるそばの全品

Kamojiru – 鴨汁

“Kamojiru”, which is warm dipping soup made with duck stock and sliced duck meat, duck meatball, and green onion as ingredients.

Kamojiru – 鴨汁

“Soba-Yu”(Soba Hot Water in which soba noodle have been boiled) – 蕎麦湯

“Soba-Yu”(Soba Hot Water in which soba noodle have been boiled) – 蕎麦湯
Surface of “Soba-Yu” – 蕎麦湯の表面
Surface of “Soba-Yu” – 蕎麦湯の表面

Inside of the Restaurant – お店の中のようす

Table right next to the entrance – 入口すぐのテーブル

Table right next to the entrance – 入口すぐのテーブル

Counter in front of open kitchen – オープンキッチン前のカウンター

Counter in front of open kitchen – オープンキッチン前のカウンター

“Koagari” (Raised Tatami-floored Tables) – 小上がり

“Koagari” (Raised Tatami-floored Tables) – 小上がり

My impression – 感想

I would say “Superb Taste”.


Information – 情報

Location – 所在地

Teuchisoba MUCHAKUAN
Location: 1-44 2-chome, Minori, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima 731-5137 Japan
手打ちそば 無着庵
所在地:〒731-5137  広島県広島市佐伯区美の里2丁目1-44

Access – アクセス

To get to Teuchisoba MUCHAKUAN, I walked from Sanyo Jogakuen-mae Station on the Hiroshima Electric Railway Miyajima Line. It took about 10 minutes to walk slowly from the station.

「手打ちそば 無着庵」へは、広島電鉄山陽女学園前駅から歩きました。徒歩でゆっくり歩いて10分ほどで到着しました。

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