Kyoto Best Attraction - 京都 最高の魅力

Introducing the best attraction of Kyoto 京都の最高の魅力を紹介

Kyoto Must-Visit - 京都必見スポット

Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) – 銀閣寺

One sunny late autumn day, I went to Ginkakuji Temple. Ginkaku, which can be said to be a symbol of Higashiyama culture...
Kyoto Worth-Visiting - 京都の訪れる価値のあるスポット

Entokuin – 圓徳院

The place where "Nene" - Kitanomandokoro, the wife of Hideyoshi, lived until the end of her life - 秀吉の妻、北政所「ねね」終焉の地 ...
Kyoto Must-Visit - 京都必見スポット

Kodaiji Temple – 高台寺

One sunny spring morning, I suddenly thought that I wanted to go to Kodaiji Temple. I went out immediately, arrived aft...